My worth according to potential employers has humbled me more than I care for.

A rusty sign reading ‘for hire’
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Working within your means is beyond important. It’s necessary.

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Recently, my mother opened a coffee shop. We call it the River Stone Cafe, and it’s become the hidden gem of the little town we opened in. Out here in Northern Ontario, there’s not a lot of variety. Finding anything with some variety that isn’t a fast-food chain is nearly impossible. That means if you want a decent cup of coffee or your favorite fancy beverage, you’ll need to hit up a place like Starbucks or even Mcdonald’s if you’re not too picky.

Find what’s missing, be it a service or a product, and fill the gap in your community.

The world is in turmoil; you don’t have to be.

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I’ll call it like it is. Everything is a little messed up right now. Lots of us are out of work or struggling to find new jobs. Protests and pandemics are forcing us to change our lifestyles, for better or for worse.

Even though the world is filled with all this uncertainty, you don’t have to be.

We need to be in the right state of mind amid seasons of change and uncertainty

Who knows what tomorrow’s front page will read? More killer insects? Maybe CORONA Part II. Nobody knows. Although plenty will try to make some educated guesses.

If one this is for certain, its…

Jumping headfirst into a conversation uninformed and uneducated can quickly spell disaster.

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However it is you may digest your daily digests, we are all fed gratuitous amounts of information every day.

We live in the age of information

It’s safe to say that never before has there been such an abundance of easy to access information.

Every day we’re connected with hundreds of facts and opinions from a myriad of sources.

Whether it’s through more traditional methods, newspapers, journalism, etc.

Or, whether it’s through the sources that are becoming more commonplace for people to receive their news and information from; Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, online forums, and publications…

My anxiety of crowds, driving, and the fact I hadn’t gone anywhere in months.

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I went to Walmart yesterday and it was awful.

Truth be told, I’m not a fan of going shopping in the first place. People, too many choices, people again, etc. Just not my favorite place.

Nevertheless, Walmart is the only place that sells a particular brand of cat food my furry friend enjoys quite a lot. So, since I was running low, I steeled myself for the journey to the market of walls.

First the shakes

So having driven into the big city (Population Fifty thousand. That’s pretty big… right?) I pull in to get some gas. I…

How my daily life was impacted by the panic imposed by the virus

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My college, along with any social interaction I had daily, were both taken away from me by COVID-19.

This left me, like so many others, almost totally isolated.

When the college I attended for my Computer Programming Analyst course closed its doors due to COVID-19, I had no idea I would spend the rest of the semester at home on my computer.

After a week off, giving the professors time to switch to an online curriculum, we started back with our regular schedule of classes. Only now it was all online. Instead of driving an hour to school and back, all I had to do…

I’m rewriting a story I wrote when I was twelve. Here’s the prologue.

This is a story I wrote when I was about twelve years old. That’s just an educated guess, I may have been younger. Suffice to say, it was really bad. Like, awful. Still, the story has always been close to my heart. Not because it was fantastic, or even decent, or explored some deep concepts of the heart.

It was because it was about dragons, and I was twelve. When your twelve, dragons are cool. So my story was cool. End of discussion.

Names, locations, the general…

And I’m ok with that, as long as my time is going towards another one of my passions.

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If you’ve been following my writing, you might have noticed I went from one article a day to maybe once a week. There is a reason for that, I assure you. I haven’t simply gotten lazy. I haven’t just run out of ideas.

Over the last month, I put out roughly 30 different stories and articles. Some performed incredibly well, and still bring in a few views a day (I’m quite proud of this, considering I only have a handful of followers)…

How not to be an indecisive person in the workplace and life.

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Every day we’re bludgeoned with an onslaught of decisions. Anything from what to eat for dinner to what to wear. Often these decisions don’t have a major impact on our lives. Maybe the outcome will determine parts of your day, but they typically don’t define us in the long run.

Other decisions tend to be more weighty, though. They could be difficult decisions to make in the workplace, like who’s going to be getting laid off this quarter? …

Learn how to own your mistakes and learn from them rather than blame others.

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Being a manager at a fast-food chain, I learned a lot about working with other people. I also learned a bit about myself, and developed a few pet peeves.

Easily my biggest pet peeve has to be people not owning up to their own mistakes. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a frustrating cashier

It wasn’t a huge deal. At least, it didn’t have to be.

One of the cashiers had taken an order wrong, so the kitchen made the wrong sandwich. An easy fix. Being the one in…

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